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Emily Waldorf


First of all, that is amazing! The ending just so–*weird writer’s chef’s kiss*–so grim and gloriously terrible. Okay, so a couple of suggestions. You have an amazing idea, but no story (because what you have is just a scene). You have the potential to really go places with this story, though. You already have a sympathetic character (because he/she lost their father). You need goals for that character. What is he trying to obtain internally? What is he trying to obtain externally? Are they trying to destroy the mirror city?

You also need stakes of some kind. (what’s the consequences if your character fails to achieve those goals?)

And a plot twist, which I…better not try to help you with b/c I am BAD at plot twists.

So those are the elements you want to be looking for. I think it would be really cool if your character knew something about the city (or found it out: plot twist??) like the Mirror City is really not the place the souls go, it’s all just a fallacy and the people who live below are being duped. (Ever seen the movie Oblivion? That’s the vein I’m thinking in). Maybe the people who run the mirror city have the ability to make people appear to die, and then steal them for their own nefarious purposes. Your character could know/find the city’s secret, and seek to overthrow the Mirror City and free the “souls”. Or…something??


Hope this gets a real thunderstorm going on in your brain. (Okay, that doesn’t sound pleasant. I am lame at puns.)

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