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I’ll try my hand at guessing your character.

1. Name: Dorian or Ciaran

2. Age: somewhere around 45

3. Career/Role in Story: he is the OC’s advisor and guide though we aren’t always sure he is always giving the best advice

4. Personality: easygoing, confident, usually means well, worldly (meaning he knows much about the world)

5. Would you be friends with that character? Yes, but I would be cautious

6. Any other details noticed? He seems to be introducing himself, has a sharp face, and is surrounded by a strange shadow

7. Nickname: Key (based on the name Ciaran)

8. Greatest Strength: observant

9. Fatal Flaw: while he means well, he doesn’t always weigh the guidance he gives

10. Phrase this character is likely to say: “It’ll work out fine, trust me.”

11. Character’s family status: one sister, parents, everyone’s alive yet estranged from him

12. Single or taken? Single

13. Children? None

14. Hobbies: acting, studying people’s habits and reactions to their environment

15. Greatest Fear: not having an answer to any situation

16. Dreams and Aspirations: uh, I don’t know

18. Darkest Secret: his wanting to have an answer to every situation stems from when he failed a friend because he did not know what to do

19. Peculiarities: polishes his shoes when he is nervous, straightens his tie when in an awkward situation

20. Meaning of their name: Ciaran means “dark” but I chose that because of the lighting not so much of his personality;


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