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E. N. Leonard

That’s something I still very much struggle with XD I like mediums where I have a lot of control, especially as a mainly digital artist, I think I’ve gotten a bit spoiled with being able to manage everything exactly XD Improving at watercolors and traditional art, in general, is something I’ve been planning to work on! I’ve just started getting markers to work for me, which is really fun!

Cool, I just asked my brother to teach me how to make digital art. Hopefully the artsy side of it will help overcome my computer ineptitude 😂.

Oh, wow, a third draft is fantastic! I haven’t gotten further than a second draft yet! That’s awesome, I have two other novels in that stage too! (A contemporary mystery and a high-fantasy) It’s a lot of fun, especially when your characters start tossing you little snippets of dialogue or pieces of characterization! What WIP are you most excited about?

It is fun! Especially when I’m driving, and someone else has to write it down. 😂 Oh, the looks I get for out-of-context dialogue and mildy creepy metaphors…😂 Measuring my excitement by poetry, the epic high-fantasy. By art, the one I’m working on right now. I do call the epic my “most cherished WIP.”

Me too! I can’t wait to see how they continue! What aspect stood out to you?

I’d have to say that it’s how real they’re willing to be and how impactful it is as a result. It’s literally saving lives.

AHAHA Nothing is more fun than making your MCs eat their humble pie XD I do it as often as possible because they need it XD And I love redemption arcs! I have one full redemption from villain to protagonist, and it’s probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever written! What’s your main antagonist like?[/quote]

That sounds awesome! My current antagonist is not an evil dark lord or anything, just a selfish businessman (😂 businessman in a fantasy XD) who can’t forgive himself and is terrified of facing his past even though he knows he needs those lessons. He’s actually the same MBTI type as my protagonist: ISTJ, which I find amusing. They do have some of the same problems.

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