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E. N. Leonard


Oh, exactly! Normalcy is a trap and a fallacy XD I’ve never known a completely normal writer, so I feel like there’s a correlation too XD

😂 My family’s motto: Normal is Overrated.

Ohhh, that’s lovely!! Watercolors are tough to work with, they’re quite unpredictable, at least for me XD You did it so well!

Thank you! The unpredictability has been fun since I learned to just embrace it.

That’s an awesome idea! I think it’ll actually be cool to read a plotline that follows three different casts of characters! It’s almost inevitable that every book has a different set of characters, (with some overlap) and it’s something I love about series, you keep getting new and interesting characters!! How many works in progress do you have? What stage are you at with them?

Thanks for the encouragement! I have four (maybe five) WIPs. I just finished the third draft on one! The others are in that stage when I put down copious amounts of notes and suddenly stop cooking dinner so I can go write down dialogue, description, or ideas 😂. I’ve also been writing poetry and songs concerning that long fantasy WIP I mentioned. This helps me distill the emotion and events I have planned before I actually write the story.

I LOVED the Chosen! It was SO good, beautiful writing, acting, photography, all of it was just perfect!! I watched it a few months ago, but I want to rewatch it!

YES! *virtual high-five* They’re filming season three right now, and I’m excited for its release this fall/early winter!

Triumphant endings are just the best, nothing else gives you that same level of excitement![/quote]

They definitely are! I even changed up my antagonist’s redemption arc so he can share in the triumph and actually finish his arc. This also places a large slice of humble pie before my MC 😂.


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