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Brian Stansell

Hi Grace (@gbfruitbat)

Just curious, how is it that only girls answered this question.

Perhaps, because us guys thought it was about “Beta” males. 😆

“Mama’s boy” has a derogative connotation.  Kind of like saying a guy is a “sissy”.

We can love our mom’s but not be diminished by that.  The idea is men have an idea of what honor is and what respect looks like, and it is often not something girls think about.  A man wants the respect of other men, but he also is designed by God to want the admiration of women.  It’s a two-fold part, but he craves both at the same time.  When another man calls a male a “mama’s boy” it is meant as something disrespectful.  “Them’s fightin’ words” you may have heard it said.  In our modern society, popular opinion has redefined what “maleness should look like”.  Often times some “faith denominations” take umbrage with the idea of the traditional male and try to idealism the soft-spoken effete, rather than allow that boys tend to like to be thought of as tough, stoic, protective, resolute, competitive leaders.  They like playing rough and tumble games.  They like showing feats of strength, speed, and prowess.  They like proving themselves against physical tests of stamina.  These have female equivalencies, but not to the extent that males pursue them.  Men crave respect more than relationships.  They want to be perceived as courageous, weathered, rugged, and proven reliable in a contest of might or wills.  And deeply ingrained in us is the desire to protect others and feel needed in that.
Too often homes have young males that grow up without positive male role models.  Men that would teach them a code of chivalry, and honor.  Teach them to provide for those in their care and the value of an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work vested with sweat equity.  How to work a field so that it can yield a harvest. How to keep the machines running and in good condition, with a working understanding of what components are needed when and where on an engine, and how to diagnose system problems before they strand someone on a lonely road.  How to change a tire.  Why a young man is to open a door, and give a lady his seat rather than make her stand.  It’s all about how the young man was raised to recognize his own role and the expectations placed upon him to gain the respect that is part of his need.  Tap into those things and you may better understand what motivates a male.
I hope that helps.

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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