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E. N. Leonard


Hello, Rose! It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.

Brilliant, you’ll fit right in XD

😂 All the most interesting people I know are a little crazy.

That’s cool! I use mostly watercolors and sketch pencils, but also occasionally acrylics. Sure, I’ll share a picture of a painting I did when I had a bunch of leftover blue on my palette. It turned out as an unexpected favorite.Blue mountains

Wow, my siblings are doing trilogies as well, but they’re only just beginning. I bet it’s exciting to be so close to finishing! One of my books-in-waiting is so long I’m wondering if it will have to be a trilogy. The only issue is that despite being one cohesive story, it covers such a long time period that the characters would for the most part be different in each trilogized (is that even a word?😂) book.

Horses are awesome. They used to be the only thing I’d draw.

I have really enjoyed a show called The Chosen, which is about the life of Jesus Christ. At first I didn’t think it would be very good, but wow, they did an astonishingly great job with it. Now it’s my favorite show. . .not that I even watch any other TV 😂.

your favorite part of your WIP?

Ooh, that’s hard! I’d say either a section from my antagonist’s POV, which is very sad and sweet, or the ending, which is so FREE and beautiful after the chains of lies have been cast aside.

We are called to be lights in the cosmos.
May your inkwells never run dry!

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