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Joshua Scheele

Hi Emma! Welcome to the crew and it is great to have you here!

I am Josh! Writing and tea is the best combo and honey makes it so much better. XD I love Republic of Tea and one of my favorites is their Organic Elderberry. What is your is favorite tea and brand?

I am also new to writing and I am doing a fantasy WIP that evolves over time into steampunk and then sci-fi. It first starts with the journey of a young exiled princess who learns to be a warrior and that means to be the shield of the innocent and to never give up on doing what is right.

I am also learning poetry so I can use it in my story to weave clues of the past, ancient treasures, secrets, and the future. After reading my top favorite series Redwall by Brian Jacques, I want to also include songs of joy, battle, and sorrow. It just makes life in the story so much more real as music is often one of the best communicators to the heart. What are your favorite series? What genres do you like?

My sister Sarah @ajstoryteller is my personal illustrator for all my mad scientist creations of monsters, beasts, and numerous races. She is amazing at it especially dreaming up something from scratch.

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