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Noah Cochran


Whereas a poet would probably be thinking in more flowery terms, noticing the beauty of the nature and general emotions the setting induces. Does that even make sense?

Absolutely. That’s one of the first things I learned, but easily one of the hardest for me to implement.

If I’m not italicizing, then I do use those to clarify that this isn’t just a piece of prose.

Interesting. Let me make sure I understand what you’re saying with an example:

[With a happy step, Wren turned onto the main street, holding her dress back to avoid the grimy wall. It was rather filthy, but overall, the village was quite lovely.]

That is an example of introspection attached to a beat. Are you saying that you would add a ‘she thought’ to the end of it because it wasn’t italicized?


Well hopefully victorious, I still have to get the results

That is the worry of every student during year end exams. 🙂

If it has any emotional effect on them (It’s surprising/upsetting/reminds them of something) by all means, use it to spark introspection, but if it’s just a regular description, you don’t have to come up with introspection to add.

Yep, agreed, but still I have a problem with balancing description and introspection–not to mention putting enough or too much of either or both.

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