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Noah Cochran


Hey Tenshi, that’s an interesting question. The simple answer is yes, anything and everything can become an idol. How does something become an idol? The answer to that is also quite simple. If an individual puts an activity above worshiping God as a Church (Sunday’s for most people) by performing that activity instead of attending Church. Also, if an individual puts so much time and effort into one activity that they spend much less time doing the things God would have them to do (reading the bible, praying, spending time with one’s spouse or children), then that activity is also becoming an idol. Thus, if one spends their Sunday morning (or whatever time your church has set aside to worship) creating things and filling their mind with that process instead of the bible, then creativity has become an idol. If one does an excessive amount of creativity activities to the detriment of say, reading their bible (or other responsibilities), than it has also become an idol.

To fight back against it, simply do not do the things listed above. Put God and church and family and responsibilities first, and don’t become too addicted to creativity to the point that you are ignoring or slacking in those God-given responsibilities.

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