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Ey, nice job! It’s good to set a goal for yourself. Right now I’ve been trying to write three pages a day, and it’s pretty much all trash, but I’m glad it’s getting done. Well, it was. Until finals happened 😭.

Thanks! Yes, goals are quite helpful and a thousand a day isn’t too overwhelming and I’m alright with not achieving that goal every single day. I do most days, but some days I’m just so exhausted or I get stuck on what the next part is supposed to look like, I just skip that day.

Trash is needed to get anywhere. No matter how hard you try, it’s going to be awful. The trick is getting words down on paper, then you go back and fix it all ten, twenty times and it will be incredible.

3 pages a day is great! Just do what you can each day, be disciplined but also flexible. Meaning, don’t skip a day out of laziness, but also don’t stress yourself out trying to reach your goals. There’s a good center line that is quite helpful once you figure out what it is 🙂

Good luck with finals! (and if you’re already finished, I bet you did great!)

My other main WIP I’m focusing on is a sci-fi retelling of the prodigal son and Cain and Abel! What about yours?

Interesting mix! Sci-fi isn’t my favorite, but that actually sounds fascinating.

I have like three different ones I am currently working on XD Before you get mad at me for breaking the important writing rule of only doing ONE thing at a time, I want you to know I somehow managed to keep up with all three simultaneously.

I have a romance, a fantasy (actually, not too sure what this one is. It has hints of romance and dystopian too. I’ll just go with fantasy until I figure it out), and a dystopian. Take your pick of which one you want to hear about 😁



Hi Joshua! Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter! I just saw that yesterday, so I didn’t send you any previous emails because it would’ve been weird coming so late, haha. If there’s any topics you want to hear about let me know! If I’ve already covered it I’ll send you that email, and if I haven’t it’ll give me an idea. (so far everyone’s favorite seems to be my two part lesson on comedy)

Call center work is sooo under rated. XD It has been eating all my creative energy trying to solve other peoples’ near impossible problems. I also had some writer block as I needed to rethink my story’s 1st act. I was forcing myself to cram in too many characters and worldbuilding details. I finally think I am onto something now as it seems easier to write at a better pace.

Ah, writer’s block is awful. At least you spent your writer’s block moment being productive for your writing. When I had it, I didn’t want to even think about writing so I got nowhere for months.

I’m glad things are going better for you! Sometimes it’s just a small change that will bring you back into the writing mood.

During my writer block, I did make a lot of progress developing my main character, a warrior princess, and designed a regal outfit befitting of her title. Super stoked when I will reveal that part when she finally accepts her official role.

Sounds awesome! Isn’t that the most fun thing to write? I love those moments where you’re so excited to write a certain scene. I have yet to stick with a project long enough to get to write that scene though, ngl. I am almost there in my romance story though. It seriously happens in like a chapter or two. I’m thrilled!


Hey you!! I know you. You’ve threatened to murder me many times 😁 (you also laugh at my stupid pictures apparently which makes me happy to hear)

*Arrives 20 minutes late with a Starbucks – which upon closer examination you realize is a white cup with the logo crudely drawn on and contains coffee my Dad made (straight black and strong)*

BLEH! Your sister knows how to drink coffee, why don’t you?

(that mental image is still quite lovely though 🙂 )

… Hello strange people from the void! I am back and half-way active! Solely because I. Finally. Graduated. College! (in December)

Congratulations!! What were you going to college for?

… AND I HAVE A JOB! (started a couple months ago, became full time like a week? two? ago.)

Oh, I heard about that!! That’s great! What kind of job is it? (Cathy may have told me, but we share a braincell and that’s all I need to say)

Anyways, I went through a sPeLl that affected my writing (this whole journey has drained me a lot – adulting stinks) but I’m on the up-and-up now.

I’m writing fanfiction because it’s less stressful than original work (at the moment), humbles me (which I need – but seriously, I’ve erased and rewritten this sentence so many times because I do NOT want to be judged and pride really, really sucks right now why do people think pride makes them feel good?!), and because I read somewhere that you need to write three novels before you can write one of a publishable quality (I don’t want to kill any more ideas I have, I’m SUUUUPER attached to them – which is a different problem).

Would not allowing me to tap to Believer at midnight be a sense of pride? 🤔

Wait, what!? Three novels?? Before you can publish?? THAT’S NOT FAIR!! I like my stories, and I want to publish them so I can get the credit for destroying the world 😢

But on another note… fanfiction is cool! Is there something in particular you’re writing about?

I’ve also been trying to spend more time with my family…

That’s great! I know they appreciate that. You’ve got such a sweet family, treasure every moment you have with them 🙂


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