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That was pretty encouraging to hear. 🙂 I may stay now because of it, but I’ll explain my situation a bit more so you understand why I was intending to leave.

I enjoy writing, I really do, but I’ve realized over the past two months that writing is not something I want to pursue with a great deal of time because it’s only a hobby. Not to say it’s bad to hone a hobby (I certainly don’t think so!), but I find writing takes up a lot of time and effort, when I would rather be doing other stuff, especially since I’ve now realized I don’t want to write for my career in the future. I finally realized that I much prefer to read what my friend (she’s a writing and author) is working on and help her with editing/brainstorming/etc. I find a lot more joy in that, so I’ve decided to quite novel writing in order to help her, because it’s a win win for both of us!

But you do have a point that everyone has something to say to those they interact with, and I’m no exception. While I’ve decided to end my novel writing hobby (at least for the moment, though I don’t expect to start again, really), I still write poems occasionally and songs as well. Songs are my way of really expressing myself, and I love music a ton, so it’s great. I will for sure continue to do those two things, and I guess I can share them. I haven’t really that much before, but I suppose I can, because that’s the main way I express myself with words. I love words, I just use them different than many others, in that I write songs mostly instead of stories/novels. But music is in my veins, so of course I prefer music and songs. 🙂

Anyway, all that to say, I guess I will stay, because although I’m going to stop noveling (that should totally be a word!), I’ll still continue writing songs and poems. So thanks for your word of encouragement/advice!

(And I knew you didn’t mean ‘little sister’ in a diminutive way. Though you could mean it in a literally way, because I’m on the short end of the spectrum as far as height goes. 😛 Haha)

Yes! I love my tagline! Partly because it’s great ’cause it’s about hobbits and they’re great (along with JRR Tolkien), but also because it’s so true in real life too! Whether it’s stature, age, or social status, a ‘little’ person can make a huge impact in the world!

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. -JRR Tolkien

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