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Kaytlin Phillips


Yeah, one of my favorite Missionary autobiographies is Evidence Not Seen, but it’s been years since I read it. We moved my dad had to get rid of a lot of his books and I think that was one of them because I was supposed to grab anything I wanted and there were so many! I’ve gotta order a copy of it for myself sometime, but I remember it being super good!


Haven’t heard that first one, I’ve heard Redwall is good from a lot of people but haven’t got around to reading them yet…lol…people keep telling me because I love Green Ember I like Redwall. Skyward and Stormlight Archives aren’t something I’ve heard of either… hmm, I’m gonna have to look them up.

The Ascendance Series is just so great! Though, I haven’t got around to reading book 5 yet…

Kaytlin P.

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