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Kaytlin Phillips


Great to be here and thank you so much!!!

Oh wow! Your book sounds super cool!!! My sisters and I write together and the genre-mixing we do can get pretty intense, so I feel ya! I totally look forward to reading that!

Oh, hard one! I will read just about any genre as long as the book is Christian of clean, except I won’t read horror. So, basically, do I have a favorite genre? Not really…lol…what about you?

Picking favorite books is like choosing favorite children…lol…but I’ll try. The Green Ember Series, Wingfeather Sage, Ascendance Series, The Moretti Trilogy, Grace Suffiencient Series, Chronicles of Narnia, SongKeeper Chronicles, LotR,  Wars of the Realm, The Kingdom Series, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables Series, Refuge Series, Words on Fire, The Scourge, Adorning the Dark, God of the Garden….and this list is becoming long and could keep going…lol…What about you?

Kaytlin P.

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