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Betty Wojtowicz


Welcome, Kaytlin. Nice to meet you. I wish you the best on your writing career. It’s good you’re starting at a young age. I was a late-bloomer: 65 when I first started writing. I never had a burning desire to write, but one day I decided that’s what I wanted to do. I’ve finished drafts and just submitted requests for quotes on a developmental edit.

My husband, Jon, and I live in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. I’m taking Udemy classes on web development and acrylic painting. I love reading, watching old westerns on TV, and spending time with Jon and our very spoiled cats. We’re in the planning stages for building our retirement home on 5.1 acres of land we just purchased.

Nice to meet you and look forward to hearing about your work.

Betty Wojtowicz

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