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Kaytlin Phillips


Hey Noah, nice to meet you!

Awesome! Big families are tons of fun in my opinion. 🙂

I’ve been seriously writing for about five years. My current WIP is a western set in 1860-1870 Kansas. It’s about a young man named Daniel who is running from God and the pain in his past. I’ve completed one book about 2 years ago, I’m actually about to release it! It’s an MG fantasy that was lots of fun to write!

We live 20 minutes out of a small town, only as big as it is because at lot of people like to vacation here…not a fan of that…lol…but my dad’s good with maps so he finds out of the way places for us to hike.

How long have you been writing? And if I may ask what’s your current WIP and have you finished any books?

Kaytlin P.

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