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Joshua Scheele


Thanks! My favorite series Redwall by Brian Jacques did it a lot which I found very engaging.

My favorite genres to read are historic fiction, biography, and non-fiction (like devotionals and personal development books). To write would definitely be historic and Christian fiction. I’m currently beginning to work on a historic fiction (possibly a trilogy). It doesn’t quite have a title yet, and it has a little bit of a plot, so it really needs some work.
What about you?

That’s awesome! I love reading historical fiction and the early 1900’s is one of my favorite eras. I am currently working on a WIP is a jumble of genres. The main genres will be fantasy, steampunk, and sci-fi. So far my plot spans 6-7 books and possibly more. XD  My theme is why it is importance of always doing what is right no matter the cost but more importantly who and what defines what is right. I am still deciding what to title my books and series but not sure yet.

Do you have a theme for your WIP?


A real hero remains accountable until the end.

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