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Brian Stansell

Hi Betty (@bettywoj)

I’m Brian.  Like Erynne said, we are the “good kind” of crazy around here.

Scripture says (Titus 2:14 & 1 Peter 2:9) we are a “peculiar people” and I am totally embracing that. 😁

My mom loved reading Christian historical romances, but her wayward son (me) currently writes fantasy, sci-fi, and some biblical historical stories. [Not published yet (in book form), but I am sure I will find some way to get my atrocious writing out there to generate lots of eye-rolling in the reading public.]

If my books are terrible, at least I know the general public who eventually buys them will have a particular option for one of my eventually printed books when the next pandemic toilet paper shortage hits. 😂

I recently lost my mom, so I am re-thinking my aversion to writing romance.  My wife might say, I don’t qualify, but she teases me too, so I am not sure whether she is being led by the Spirit or led by the jest, when she tells me that.

I must’ve been romantic enough to get her interest because we have now been happily married for 22 years. So there’s that. 😉

God is the ultimate lover of our souls, so He gets romance and values it, so who am I to make any less of it.

I grew up with a love for the rugged Old West.  Louis L’Amour was one of my favorites.  He did put romance in his stories too.  Pioneer women were tough, and he treated his female characters with respect and depth and I always admired that.

For those of you who write romance, I may need some of your insights, when I finally do write a romance, so we need more of your input here.

I like to blend writing genres, so I may bring more romance into my fantasy or sci-fi stories, and I would value your perspective in that too.

Love is at the heart of what we do.  It is one of the ways, God defines Himself.

Agape love (unconditional love) is foundational to all other aspects of love: phileo, eros, storage.  It is what gives the others meaning and value, and stability.  I am exploring this idea through fantasy and a certain degree of symbolism, but I only address the “romantic” aspect in the second book.

I would love to hear more about what you are working on and how you view the respectful and valuable interplay of men and women in a God-honoring fashion.  The world gets it wrong and I applaud those faith writers who have the fortitude and courage to show how it should be done.

Welcome to this fun and crazy family of creatives who seek first to honor God in all we do!

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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