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Noah Cochran


Oh, that’s definitely one of the issues. I think it’s mostly because it’s so old. (it was published in the early sixties) At that time writing craft, especially prose wasn’t as well figured out yet. Whenever I read classics and older books I cringe at the sheer amount of telling XD

Who was your favorite character? Did you have a favorite part of the story?

The MC was my fav probably, but I already forgot how to spell his name. I like the part when he’s in the castle and the gray knights (I think they were called that) arrest him.

Are you planning to read the sequel? I found it even better than the first book, especially in how it expands on the current characters. Lavinia gets a much bigger role, and Piak gets his own POV for part of it. Besides that, you finally get to meet the Black Knight with the Red Shield!

I might, I’ve got quite an extensive reading list right now, so we’ll see.

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