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It was pretty good. I personally love the trope of ‘character starts off in village or town and then goes on a journey, so that was my favorite thing about the book probably.

That was really fun! It was a very basic storyline but very well executed, imo!

The writing style wasn’t my favorite (a lot of ‘he wondered’ and ‘he thought (among other things). But decent overall.

Oh, that’s definitely one of the issues. I think it’s mostly because it’s so old. (it was published in the early sixties) At that time writing craft, especially prose wasn’t as well figured out yet. Whenever I read classics and older books I cringe at the sheer amount of telling XD

Who was your favorite character? Did you have a favorite part of the story?

Are you planning to read the sequel? I found it even better than the first book, especially in how it expands on the current characters. Lavinia gets a much bigger role, and Piak gets his own POV for part of it. Besides that, you finally get to meet the Black Knight with the Red Shield!

It’s much more complicated than the first book, both in plot, theme, and character. The writing style is also a bit experimental in some places, which I really enjoyed!

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