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I was a summer camp counselor at a Christian horse camp last summer, so I worked with horses for about three months there. I learn quickly and I’m pretty comfortable around (most) horses, so it’s a good fit for me. But I do feel out-of-my-depth sometimes since most of the folks I’ve worked with (both here and at the summer camp) have years more experience than I do and/or love horses. I like horses fine, but my real “horse phase” was a long time ago. XD

Ohhh, that’s awesome! Yeah, I can definitely confirm that many horse people tend to be somewhat… obsessive about their hobby XD

Thank you! It’s called Calligraphy Guild, and it’s actually available for pre-order if you want to give it a look.

Ohhhh, that looks AMAZING!!! I’ll see if I can preorder the ebook sometime soon! Thanks for telling me about it!! (Also that art is GORGEOUS!!!)

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