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As you both may know, my sister, Cathy, created an abomination known as Lord Castle in the original Character Castle. She asked me if we could bring Lord Castle into the chaos, to which I said I would bring a similar character. Here’s what that character has announced recently.

Dear characters, 
I have seen the darkness of your worlds and I will expose it. Nobody in this world matters, because all are evil at heart. My demands are simple. I want Jacob Baron (a weaker villain in the Character Castle 2.5) to be dead within five days. If he is not dead after five days, I will eliminate Arsene (MY CHARACTER WHO I HAVE ABSOLUTLY NO IDEA HOW TO SAVE), Alessio Eliakim, and one random character in the Character Castle 2.5.
The formless given form, the temptation and darkness, Amnesia. 

That was yesterday.

You can only come to the morning through shadows: Tolkien

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