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Nothing that could be considered truly artistic in the adept painter-and illustrator type way. It’s just basic character art with basic backgrounds and the such. Transferring the art to after effects and animating it in an efficient way is what I’m stuck in right now. The animations are very basic (character movement, arm movement, things like that).

All art is art and it’s all hard XD Especially if you’re new to it! Getting started is one of the hardest parts! Please feel free to ask if you want any advice on the actual drawing part (I have no experience with any of the other parts XD) I’m always excited to talk about art!

I’m pretty sure this has something to do with the YouTube channel, correct? OSP style animated characters?

I have free access to adobe programs through the career tech school I’m taking classes in, so I’m taking advantage of that while I can.

That’s a great idea! Art is a lot of trial and error, always XD

Oh, unrelated but also interesting! I finally finished the Delphine dress! It took me… almost five months but it’s finally finished! The embroidery was an absolute nightmare and I’m never doing that again but it looks really nice! I did the largest part of the embroidery while watching Haikyuu, that was awesome XD I could trick myself into actually getting stuff done XD


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