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Adobe Illustrator for the art,  Adobe After Effects for the animations, and Adobe Premiere (or its free counterpart Davinci Resolve 17) for final content arranging and rendering. Have you worked with Adobe much? I know Photoshop is the favorite for many, but I personally prefer Illustrator for art.

Ohhh, that’s awesome! What kind of art and animation are you working on?

I used to use Photoshop for a while but eventually abandoned it in favor of Krita. Not only is it free, but I also find it much more intuitive since it doesn’t have all the extra tools for photo editing. It also has some great animation tools that I’ve messed around with some! (I haven’t gotten beyond a very basic bouncing ball animation though XD)

It’s a pretty popular program, it has great quality and it’s pretty easy to find YouTube tutorials for how to set it up for animation/painting!


Yeah, finals. *Weeps*

Alright, you don’t have to rub it in!

*weeps over lack of finals*

How is that something to cry about? XD Enjoy your freedom XD

Oof, that’s tough. I wish there was a magical cure for writer’s block. Maybe I’ll have to do some research and make that a newsletter topic…

I’m glad you survived it!

Thanks, I find something that works well for me is giving myself a bit more grace. Either letting myself write something terrible or just letting myself take a break. Sometimes working on another project for a bit also helps!

Another awesome cure is to watch a new show or read a new book. I started watching “Haikyuu!!” and it cured my art block and writer’s block instantly XD I finished a painting in two sittings and got excited to write again. 1000/10 would recommend. XD



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