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Sorry it took me so long to get back to this! I was on a trip and then I was busy.


Art: That’s really cool that you do fashion design. It can be pretty tricky for me coming up with different designs and patterns, so I often resort to looking up references. :p What style do you usually draw? Are these designs just for fun, or are they for story characters?

Dance: Yes! That’s awesome that you do ballroom, too! I learned a little tango once, but I remember hardly anything.

Writing: There’s really so much magic around us already – God is such an amazing Creator! Your dystopian stuff sounds interesting. Is this for one book or a series?

Singing: I really should practice, like seriously practice, but it’s more of a hobby for me, so I’m not going to stress about it. :p That’s awesome that you did choir for so long, though.



Art: I do want to make money from my art – and I already have been, but it takes a looooong time for artists to get established. I’m probably going to have other jobs as well for quite some time. :p

Writing: The fanfiction is for … a weird fandom that arose out of Minecraft. Never thought I’d be writing about that. :p There’s a lot of bad stuff in the original fandom, though, so I’m transforming it, making it my own, and trying to share the gospel through it.

Medieval historical fiction! That sounds cool. What’s it about?

Singing: Your one-man performance sounds fun. 😀 And the choir walking around outside sounds interesting. Kind of like caroling?

Dance: I really need to learn more waltz, as I only know the basic step and a really bad turn. The basic step in both waltz and swing are not hard at all, in my opinion. With swing dance there are tons of moves you can do (there might also be in waltz, but I don’t know it as well), but there are really easy ones to harder ones, and if you work your way up with a good partner and a good teacher, it’s pretty easy. Are you considering learning to dance?

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