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*Appears out of whatever dark abyss I was wandering in for… two weeks? Yikes… sorry*

I’ve been intending to comment on this way too long and every time I just… I don’t even know 😅


Character one:

Extremely ruthless. He gives no thought to the fact that these are literally people. In fact, he compares them to things that aren’t human pretty often. The filth, the scum, the rotten trees in the forest of humanity… (Love that line btw)

He’s a leader of some sort and he has a humble background. He’s very vengeful and just completely merciless. Kinda scares me, ngl. I’d guess he’s a villain or at least not a good person.

Character two:

I think this line sums him up really well:

he would do what it took to survive. All men did. That was the only way to make it in life.

I think this is his lie. He’s not ruthless like the previous character. He’s just trying to survive and follow orders. Even his descriptions of the enemy aren’t as harsh.

He doesn’t seem thrilled to be there in general. I think he’s just tired and wants all of it to be over.

He’s rather impulsive, judging by how he charged into that fight.

 Swords demanded delicacy and thought, and Drastan failed to see the point of such things. A warhammer or a fine bec de corbin and some brute force would do the job much better.

Absolutely correct! Just blunt force trauma is much more effective than trying to find some unprotected spot to stab XD

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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