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R.M. Archer

I do drawing, watercolor, oil and acrylic painting, though I’ve dabbled in other mediums as well.

Ooh, nice! I love the look of watercolor, though I’ve never learned to work with it personally. The most visual art I normally do is some fashion design with colored pencils now and then; clothes seem to be the only thing I really have a knack for. XD

I like swing dance, waltz, and free-style, though I just do it for fun also.

YES! You do ballroom! Me too! I love ballroom dance. It is so much fun. Swing and waltz are a couple of my favorites, as well! Argentine tango is also fun, and I enjoyed the little bit of bolero I learned. (Unfortunately, I was gone for most of the month that my class learned bolero. :P)

I like the otherworldly elements that come with fantasy, and that’s why I like writing stories that take place in our world, but with fantasy elements. Expounding on the magic God has already created. 🙂

That’s awesome! I have a friend who likes fantasy for similar reasons and I’d tag him but he hasn’t joined Story Embers yet. XD It’s really cool to explore the somewhat fantastical features of the real world in a context where they can be seen and explored more fully!

Are you in a choir?

Not anymore. I was in choir for thirteen years before I graduated. Since then, I haven’t looked into finding a community choir to join (not yet, anyway). These days I just sing for fun, though it’s been rather frustrating to notice my range shrinking with lack of proper care/practice. 😛

Speculative fiction author. Mythology nerd. Worldbuilding enthusiast. Singer. Fan of classic literature.

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