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Honestly, the most convincing arguments I’ve heard are “No unnecessary romantic subplots, just awesome friendships” and “Well-written characters who are simultaneously incredibly stupid.” I haven’t heard either of you complement one of the characters, it’s always some variation of ‘dumb’, ‘stupid’, ‘idiot’, and ‘chaotic’ (In the most complimentary way XD) What more could one ask for XD

Oh gosh, this really DOES make them sound super dumb xDD The thing is, they each have so many wildly different yet multifaceted personalities. For example my favorite character (and btw I love ALL THE CHARACTERS SO MUCH that he’s really only my “favorite” because I say so) by all appearances looks like a scheming, sketchy type–and yes, he’s a master of provocation, but he’s really a straightforward human and absolutely one of the top fictional characters I would want as a bestie. Honestly though there are so many characters, and the way they make their presences known to the audience is just the best…

And yes, at the end of the day, they’re basically all volleyball idiots. Except just about one character I can think of, who is too dignified and intelligent to be considered an idiot in any sense.

I always argue with my friends about this because English is my favorite language XD It sounds pretty, it has huge, complicated, overly specific words! I like speaking it, and it has ridiculous and awesome slang XD

OOPS xD I’ve always thought English is, compared to the others I know, a rather ugly language… lol. At least, in a plain generic American accent like the one I have. It has its merits, but on the whole it’s just so unnecessarily complicated. That’s my personal opinion though, as someone who’s still grappling with Chinese which will never let me go.

I have exceptions though. I like expressing frustration in Afrikaans because they’ve found a million ways to be deeply, descriptively insulting without swearing XD

Now that is a good quality xD I wish English were better at that.

That’s the best subversion! I love that, especially if they retain their powers XD I’ve often made jokes that Aydin has Disney Princess powers, and it’s hilarious, since he’s the ‘dark and tragic backstory’ character XD For some reason animals just really like him, he always ends up with an animal sidekick accidentally XD

SAME WITH PAX THOUGH. He’s always gathering animal sidekicks like that. They’d be Disney Princess Besties.

Okay but the thing is, depending on the fairytale, you can either have a very passive, uncontrollable set of traits or powers that you can actually wield. Also, regardless of the child’s inheritance, they still get some passive traits from either of their parents’ inheritances. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite example of this. The “passive talents” consists of the six fairy gifts bestowed upon the original princess at birth (so yes, many children of Sleeping Beauty descendants are born with natural charm, beauty, and grace *rolls eyes*), but the seventh gift is the actual inheritance–that is, falling asleep every time you prick your finger on anything sharp. And those with this inheritance are somehow ridiculously attracted to sharp objects, because I’m sadistic like that.

Most Charming inheritances are actually really powerful, so they’re kept as family secrets. The Sleeping Beauty one in its restrained form is harmless and common knowledge, but its true form can result in putting all surrounding inhabitants to sleep as well–and that part is not common knowledge.

Oh, goodness, that sounds amazing! What are your favorite characters? What are your favorite powers to write, because I imagine some of them are really interesting!

Please don’t ask me what my favorites are; I LOVE THEM ALL. It’s a madhouse in there. One character I never really get the chance to talk about is the descendant of Snow White though–my King of No-Nonsense Nonsense, Irvin. He comes from the Russian variant of Snow White, but he has Aladdin on his father’s side, so first of all, he’s not literally “the fairest in the land.” He’s also hard of hearing and mainly communicates through sign language. The thing I love about him is that… he has such a presence. He’s ridiculously confident, somewhat vain, and wildly unpredictable, and there’s something about his demeanor that would really tick you off if you knew him in real life, you know?

I’m still developing some of his backstory, including how the “perfect” family handle his “imperfect” disability. His interactions with my MC Hans are priceless because he considers Hans “not safe to stick around” when in reality Hans is the most cautious character I have *kicks the wall* Anyway, the Snow White inheritance is a huge secret, but I’m allowed to tell you, I think: basically, they can’t be killed unless it’s instantaneous. It’s an example of one of the more extreme inheritances that do not come in use in everyday life, so no one talks about it. Heheh.

That said, what’s your favorite fairytale or Disney princess? Perhaps I have a character who matches it 🙂

Also, I read your latest newsletter, and oh my gosh I’ve just been slaving over vectors in my pre-calculus class for the past few weeks too *weeps* Anyway, congrats on making so much progress on your WIP! (No congrats to your poor characters… ahem.) Also yes, that meme–*breaks down weeping again*

~ always be a happy camper ~

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