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Noah Cochran


*blinks* I need to figure out how to word things better

You’re not alone in that sentiment. I find myself butchering sentences quite often. xD


An intriguing world. I might check out sometime, but I should warn you, my…how should I say it, beliefs about supernatural content are rather strict.


Fantasy pirates? You have officially attained my attention. 🙃

Character 1:

A woman who likes things in equilibrium–whether it be composure (guesswork for that one), landscape, a plan, or music. She has a cynical view about trust, and has no compunction to use people for her own devices.

So one question, Rose, how often do you use mental comparisons or similes to reflect a character’s past/background? For instance, this character compared ships to a forest, and talked of throwing someone to the wolves. Did that at reflect her background of living in a wooded area, or was that just a random thought?

Character 2:

To begin with, this fellow is definitely anxious, that pops off the page nicely. He seems to have little confidence, and is obviously undercover in some way. It appears he is used to being at ports, but is now having to act the minstrel or something akin to it in a noble’s abode. I do like those last lines about lying. They show/hint at his lifestyle very well.

So is this a series or stand alone you’re working on as well?


I’ll try to get in a couple more characters in the next day or so.  One of them is brand new and needs work, so we’ll see how that goes… 😏

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