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It can so difficult, being a writer and yet, also illiterate xD By the way, which languages do you speak?

Oh, absolutely XD Being a writer seems to mean that you’re actually good at stringing words together. But like, in writing. If I have to say them out loud I instantly become illiterate XD

Well, I have varying degrees of fluency in… four or five languages? That’s kinda cheating though so I’ll clarify XD

My mother tongue is Afrikaans. I can speak it fluently, but I can’t spell it and I struggle reading it. (It has the weirdest spelling)

My second language was Dutch. I think I’m completely fluent in it until I have to understand anyone with an accent, read it for extended periods of time, or speak it while under pressure XD

Most people don’t notice it’s my second language, but when I’m nervous I develop a slight accent and I sometimes struggle understanding people XD

English is my third language and definitely my favorite XD Put it down to just how much I use it. Here, with friends, and in writing. I’m fluent except for the occasional “What’s the thingy thing I don’t speak about this in English??” “What preposition goes with this??” and “Is this an actual idiom or something I translated directly and just started using?”

(Fun fact, my favorite way to create fantasy idioms is by just translating Dutch and Afrikaans ones literally XD)

I know Latin, but I’m not fluent by any means. I can’t speak it or translate all too well, but I passed my exam so I guess it counts XD

Besides that maybe you can count German? I can’t speak a word but I understand maybe 70% of it when people are actually speaking slowly. I never actually learned it, I just have German friends and the combined knowledge of my other languages means I can usually make it out XD

It’s hilarious when people are talking in German and I answer them in English. Their expressions always make it worthwhile XD

How about you? You mentioned Chinese, Korean, and English, iirc? What’s your favorite?

I love that! I’m so glad you agree with me about friends-to-lovers. It’s great when romance takes it time developing slowly; it makes it so much more meaningful, I think. Good job making your slow-burn sound painfully slow, though… not that that’s a bad thing, in the long run xD I definitely tend to ship slow-burn, friends-t0-lovers more often than any other kind of romance!

Thank you! I think my least favorite trope is insta-love or anything that develops too quickly. XD (“Why are you kissing you literally just met him three days ago???”)

So, yeah, slow burn is very slow XD I quite enjoy it, especially since they don’t really become shippable before book 2, so there’s a nice long period of just being friends.

No kidding. It always gives me a headache, trying to figure out ways to get my characters to move themselves. Um like, I need you guys to write this story for me? But alas, that’s not how writing works   I’m the one who has to brainstorm stuff for them to do, ugh.

You mean that you actually have to write stuff to have written stuff?? Disgraceful, unbelievable. It’s so annoying when you practically have to drag them through the plot by their collars, they’re brats for that. *Shakes head mournfully*

Oh right, you already mentioned some *facepalm* Those are all really interesting though!

Thank you! It was hard to figure out how much of it I could copy directly and how much would stop existing without a temple. I just try not to think about it too much XD

But I totally agree, I do wish there were fewer main characters with love interests, even though I understand why their circumstances would make that happen. And noooo, it’s not really obvious, I guess… but if you knew me and my tendencies toward my main characters’ love lives, it would become obvious xD There aren’t that many female characters in TFE, and any who would have opportunity of romantic attachment become attached to someone else. Sorry, Pax.

Honestly, a character ending the story without a love interest isn’t a tragedy. They can be just as happy without it, and in some cases the characters would be much better off just staying single XD I really like that idea!

Oof, good luck with that! It’s definitely frustrating

Thanks! I think I just hit a bump of creative burnout. It’ll go away soon enough XD Maybe I shouldn’t have written that much last week… XD


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