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SAME though. The wonders of the human brain, that you don’t have to clearly pronounce things in your head, so you bungle it up when you try it out loud xD

Exactly! It’s like you recognize what the word looks like but you can’t say it XD

Also that remark in your blog post “I’ve recently discovered that contrary to prior belief, I’m actually illiterate in English as well as Chinese and Korean. So there’s an irrelevant little note for you.” Literally made me laugh out loud because that’s exactly what it’s like. I feel basically illiterate in every language I speak XD

Speaking of blog posts, I loved your post on love interests! It’s SO accurate, friends to lovers is just the absolute best trope. Characters who are already best friends and then slowly develop feelings for each other are just the BEST thing! I also hate it when they skip right past the friendship stage into romance. Like… even in a romantic relationship they still need to be friends? It doesn’t cancel out?

I actually do the same thing in my books, the first book of the trilogy doesn’t have any romance, the second book has a close friendship that leads to a realization and the third book is a close friendship with mutual pining that s l o w l y turns into a romance. I really took slow burn to the most extreme point, it’s three long books and they don’t kiss until the last chapter of the last book XD It’s quite glorious, even though I generally don’t get excited about romantic subplots. I never realized they were this fun to write!

I always find myself on the opposite end of the spectrum, with main characters who are wayyyy too cautious about everything. They usually have good reason to, but come on.

My old characters were daring and brave and occasionally reckless, but now they’re just too reasonable. STOP BEING REASONABLE.

LOL, that’s such a mood! I have a few characters who are like that XD It feels like all characters either run in the wrong directions or just lie down and whine and you have to drag them through the plot XD

Ooh, can you give an example? That sounds really fun.

So, I already mentioned the tribeless system, and besides that, there’s the adapted form of the Elder system that was used in the wilderness, where Moses appointed people beneath him to take charge of smaller groups so he doesn’t have to handle it all himself.

Besides that, there’s the Exodus 13:16 thingy that I interpreted by having the text embroidered on the inside of their right sleeve. Hmmm, what else… I imagined a harvest festival that involves building temporary houses, or for the nomadic tribes, taking off the tent cloth and putting branches on the roof. If that sounds a lot like Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles, you’re right XD

There are some other things like that, but I can’t think of them just now XD

Thanks! Yeah, I don’t quite know what I’m doing (but like… who does, anyway?), but I’m hoping it’ll not backfire, lol. It’s interesting to see how the characters’ upbringing and background have affected their religious views, especially in relation to Pax and his… confusing mess of a life that’s supposed to be this story. Lots of people debate the existence of fairies, since in this world they’re kind of like angelic servants (?) of some higher power and their gifts are so rare, pretty much legendary. When some Fidelian guy shows up and proves he has a crazy gift, it tends to challenge their worldviews in a way they never really considered before xD

Oh man, that’s awesome! It’s such an interesting way to deal with it! I can imagine they’re rather surprised XD

Right?? It’s one of my favorites too! I cannot wait to introduce Rei and write about her friendship with Pax. She doesn’t appear until much later on in the series though :((( Also even though I know it’d be a cute ship, I’m cruel and heartless and don’t care about my baby’s happiness so it’s just gonna be another fun platonic friendship because my end goal in this story is obviously to keep Pax single for as long as possible. I have other plans for Rei.

THANK YOU!! Not everything has to turn romantic and it makes me happy to see just a platonic relationship be central! Also, it’s awesome that you’re planning to keep Pax single, I love it when main characters don’t end up in a relationship by the end of the story! Sometimes it’s just not necessary! But why would that be obvious? 😅 I might have missed something…

I love that; it sounds epic! Really advantageous for the assassins too lol. Not so much for the victims… but that’s so cool and creative.

One of my main characters is actually one of the assassins, and when they tell Faye it’s quite a hilarious interaction XD Like “So you can turn into a shadow, right?” “I can what now? No??”

I think some of the assassins do know about the myths, but as you mentioned, it’s great cover because nobody will ever question it XD

Me too, me too <3 And I’d love to see those drawings when you’re finished, if you’re planning on sharing them

Well, I got spectacularly stuck on them already, so I might end up leaving the concept for some other time XD But thanks, when/if I finish them I’ll post them on Insta! (I think we already found each other there XD)

Thanks for letting me know! I subscribed :))

Awesome, thank you! I’m planning to send out the next one sometime next week, it should be fun! I’m having way too much fun with it XD

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