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Laura K. Abeid

Oooo this is a cool idea! I’ll pick one from a roleplay I’m in, and one from my WIP. (:



Breathe … in, out … in, out …

It’ll be okay …

“N-no … it won’t …” I mumbled, vaguely aware of how hard I was gripping my head.

This isn’t like the labs at home … you’re just in bed, not in any life-threatening danger.

Oh, but how it seemed to be the contrary …

Aliree … Aliree isn’t single … he’s not single …

A sob broke from deep within my sore throat. The revelation at the café played through my mind at warp speed. His eyes, how sad they looked when I admitted my … my feelings for him …

Was this heartbreak?

Emotions … it was all so alien. Why did they exist?

Why did they have to cause such confusion and pain?

Just black and white … why can’t it just be black and white?

I screamed, then immediately clapped my hands over my ears, the sound echoing through my pounding head.

Overwhelming … so overwhelming …

I tore off the bedsheets, peeling my sticky body off the bed as I swung my legs over the side. My breathing was quick and shallow, the shards of my broken heart thumping against my chest and piercing it from the inside.

Ohhh … the pain …

Squeezing my eyes shut, I swallowed. I felt alone … alone with whatever was wrong with me … alone with whatever caused me to suck at being a person …

Maybe that’s why Aliree said he wasn’t single …

Maybe … maybe he said that because he doesn’t want to love someone who’s … weird.

Maybe he doesn’t want to love me.




The sun was high in the sky, but a dark storm cloud hung over my head as I stomped down the halls of my father’s estate.

That- that- that git, Rúan!

Father was going to be more than severely disappointed.

He was going to file a report to Empress Drunvhed … staining my ivory name in her perfectionist eyes.

All because of my idiot half-brother.

When I arrived at my quarters, I roared and kicked at my door, but the sturdy wood did not splinter like my pride had.

I muttered a few choice words and begrudgingly opened the door like a sensible man.

The handle was left coated in hoarfrost, despite my gloves.

I stormed in, banged the door shut with my foot, and collapsed on my bed, running a hand down my face. Relaxing at my birth home in the Lummeuse Mountains would be nice right now …

But no, I had duties to fulfill here. Duties to the Empire.

I wouldn’t abandon those duties, even if I was shamed by the empress herself …

No, no. I would not abandon my duties. I had to prove I was as honourable as my prestigious family name, Hvítur.

I was an honourable man. The empress would see that.

My father would see that.



Too much introspection? 😬 Hope I did that right. 😅

I am broken. I am bleeding .... But I am beautiful.

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