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First of all, that was an absolute joy to read. I love Talia and Wren already! The prose was really pretty and easy to read as well!

They’re such polar opposites it’s downright amusing XD

I’m going to guess Talia is the other woman in the second piece, the one with the loose hair.

I feel sorry for Talia. Something happened to her and she’s so bitter and hurt. This isn’t recent either, she’s been living with this for a long time.

She completely blocks off all feelings to protect herself. She doesn’t necessarily think herself better than the world, but she feels alienated from it. She isolates herself to protect herself from whatever hurt her.

Like the storm of two weeks past that had thrown their ship into rock and rent it like a rabbi’s vestments.

This struck me as interesting. Is she one of your Jewish characters, or did she just witness it? It could be either.

Wren’s father travels often for business, and she has accompanied him often. So, she’s well-traveled.

She makes me smile, she’s so cheerful and happy. I think she’s had a fairly good childhood, without any massive tragedies. In fact, she’s had a fairly sheltered existence, as evidenced from this:

Some might say he looked dangerous, but that was silliness. People weren’t dangerous unless they were given a reason to be, and life was safe unless you made it otherwise.

I must say, you really nailed character voice in both of them. Their attitudes were everywhere, from descriptions and actions to word choice. Great job!

I’ll see if I can come up with an interesting scene soon 😀

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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