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Noah Cochran


Sounds good. 🙂


I feel ya. xD I’m looking forward to seeing your post!


Wow Brian, that was an amazing read! GrumBlud is obviously not human (or not completely human at least), they have a tenuous grasp on language, they might be pariahs of some sort, but despite speaking of sleeping with pigs, I don’t think they like filth. And their minds are somewhat simple. Those are my guesses anyway. Having another PoV would be nice to contrast it with, so I look forward to your next post. Either way, though, that was a very distinctive voice and it has me intrigued.


I had too much introspection, didn’t I…

Don’t worry about it. And it’s nice to meet you!  🙂

Character 1:

This character has a powerful father who they are on formal and possibly estranged terms with. They have some sort of ability and are probably knowledgeable about plants. They know about politics and probably have  high class blood in their veins.

Character 2:

This character is somewhat obsequious in nature and has a possibly gratuitous amount of reverence and respect for the king. He seems to trust the king completely and love him for taking him in even though he was a pariah of sorts. He also has a strong inclination to protect women and keep them away from danger–which might be connected to an event or tragedy in his past.

Some of those guesses were somewhat random, but I enjoyed it. xD The second PoV in particular I felt was distinctive and very easy to see it’s differences when compared to the first. His attention to women in a dangerous place, and his subservient attitude really stood out.  Great post and thanks for the response!


Hey Noah! How’s life? Thanks for subbing to my emails, I hope you enjoy them!

Life’s going pretty well, and no problem!

I will try to get to this tomorrow, I just have to read the other people’s things to make sure I have the right idea.

Sound good! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Btw… I doubt it, but you’re not by chance going to the conference in Puxico next month are you?

Well, considering that I’ve never heard of it, probably not. xD What is it?

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