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Okay, that’s understandable xD But probably not to your characters

Nah, but they hate me already XD

Random question, but how do you pronounce Liorah? I’m pretty sure I’m right in my idea of pronunciation but one can never be too safe xD While we’re on that topic… Aydin too?

I think you’re probably right in your pronunciation of both! It’s pretty straightforward. Lee-or-a and Ae-din/ Aye-din. Acyn is pronounced Aye-sin. (Yeah, maybe a bit close to Aydin XD)

I just want to highlight the part where you say “When in doubt, add pain! Lots of it!” followed shortly by “I just love him” in the same paragraph. Writers are such extraordinary creatures.

The more you love a character, the more you want to torment them, isn’t it XD

She’s in a tough situation… a lot of things need to be kept secret   But everything will come to light soon! (After a series of appropriately painful and intense events, of course.)

Awww!!! But secrets coming to light and being accepted despite them is awesome too. That always makes me happy 😀

I’m curious; considering the inspiration for each tribe in your story, what’s the religious background like for each of them?

Okay, in all honesty, I didn’t put too much time into this. I haven’t completely figured out how I want to tackle faith in fantasy, so I stuck with keeping most of them fairly ambiguous. Except the Lehabim XD It wasn’t the original plan, but as I was writing it, it took a decidedly Jewish/Messianic tilt. Both Gavril and Liorah wear tzitzit, Gavril’s royal robe and crown have text on the inside, as per Exodus 13:16, and the Shema is quoted at least twice, besides some other more subtle stuff XD

It’s funny, it was unintentional at first, but I’m blaming it on the fact that I’ve never seen it represented in fantasy so I’ll do it myselfXD I’m not publishing it anyway so I’m going to indulge in that aspect at least XD

How about you? What did you use for your countries?

And on that note, do you have any superstitions/myths/legends that you wrote for your story? I always find those extremely fun 😀


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