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That’s actually a good way of putting it XD (Right, @calidris ??? It’s a particularly good way of putting it, isn’t it? *Evil laughter*) Yes his backstory may or may not have involved fire 😇 That may also be the part where I made Calidris almost cry because I dropped it on her like a sack of bricks. (In my defense she asked me about it so it’s not all my fault)

You… seem to have a thing with fire, don’t you? xD I wonder if it’s too early for me to ask about it. Now I’m curious…

He… grows less than you’d expect XD As I mentioned, he’s very much a background character, he doesn’t do much more than hang around, give bad advice, be sarcastic, and bicker. The amount of development is more that the other characters get better at dealing with him XD

Oh lol, I didn’t notice that part. I see xD *sits in the back brooding about page time possibilities*

Oh, extremely!! She spends half the time squealing over pretty jewelry and makeup and the rest kicking butt XD It’s amazing, especially since I love how it compliments Liorah’s more practical self. Liorah needs someone to give her fashion advice and actually appreciates it when Sahar helps her, it’s amazing. Did I mention I love their friendship?

It sounds so sweet and wholesome!

Ohhhh, that’s fascinating!!! I love that! Aww, that’s such an adorable quirk! I love him already <3

I’m so glad; even though he’s been the MC of this thing for quite a while now, I don’t think I’ve made him that interesting until very recently. I used to give all my time to Erik, who is a demanding little busybody xD But now that I’ve poured a bit more pain nuance into his own backstory, Pax is finally coming into his own!

Hmm, I actually really like the name! It made me think of the Latin “Fidelis” (loyalty), I have no idea if that was intentional or not XD But sometimes you just want to change the names because you don’t vibe with it, which is completely valid XD

Ah yeah, the Fidelian Empire was very much inspired by ancient Rome. The reason I call it that is because the unofficial name of the WIP, TFE, stands for “The Faithless Empire,” which will probably never make it into any actual titles but makes a good placeholder considering the story itself.

Ohh, I remember, Della is one of the knights, right? I can imagine it causes a lot of conflict with their neighbor country!

Yep, she’s quite passionate about it, but she’s trying to keep that a secret while she’s with Pax and Erik.

Oh, that’s a mood! That’s the exact reason I love writing Nebatan country! The rest of the country is just kind of desert, wilderness and cities, but Nebatan country is just this gorgeous, whimsical hills and forests with old hidden ruins. (They’re near the coast so they get more rain) It just makes me happy, the vibes are impeccable XD

There’s just something so immersive and fulfilling about settings of that kind! It literally feels like I’m resting whenever I write with that background. Huh, maybe it’s a trap xD

LOL, that’s hilarious, I do the same thing! I made it a running joke to see how many times I could incorporate the number seven into my story! There are seven tribes, and the world has seven countries. The Sanat have seven guild leaders, it’s been seventy years since the treaty that united the tribes XD There are probably more, I just can’t think of them right now XD

HA, I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one who does that. I actually use seven a lot in my other writing projects. At this point it’s just become a habit lol.

I really enjoyed it! It’s epic, I love how much worldbuilding you’ve done! Your world sounds big but also lived-in, and I love how they all have cultural things that set them apart!

Aw, thank you very much~~ I absolutely love your worldbuilding too <3

Don’t underestimate me either 😈😈

Trust me, I won’t xD

~ always be a happy camper ~

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