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Brian Stansell

Hi Jared (@jared-williams)

The story formed itself from the first book I wrote in fantasy

Man, that resonates with me as well!  My Blog began as a kind of quasi-devotional using a loose fantasy story as a vehicle, but soon I learned that breaking the fourth wall, and attempting to use the first-person narrator didn’t really work and made the going difficult.  The story needed to be front and center.  The “fictive bubble,” as Ted Dekker calls it, must be maintained for a story to work and hold a reader’s interest.  I was defeating effective story-telling by constantly breaking the fourth wall with the “preachiness” of it.
When Jesus sat down and told parables to illustrate a larger truth, He made the story relatable and didn’t stop mid-story to punctuate the moral, but rather expanded upon it at the end, and often not even then, allowing His disciples to seek the meaning later.  Sometimes merely letting the story raise important thought-provoking questions is more of an effective delivery system to convey important life-changing truths.  It transitions the reader, initially looking only to be entertained to becoming a seeker because the story raises important questions.
As Scripture says:
“You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart. [Jeremiah 29:13 CSB]
Story is what captures the heart.  This is why a personal testimony might touch someone more than just hearing a Bible verse might.  God wants our hearts involved in the process.
The heart of any good story arises from a central question the reader must come to care about.

I am so glad Rose joined in here.  She has amazing worldbuilding skills with a cast of complex characters, and she also has a complex system of tribes and kingdoms.  She will be such a great resource to you so I highly recommend getting her input.  Rose is a great researcher as well, which builds confidence in her creative worlds and a rich layering of nuance.  I wish she would publish her trilogy. Perhaps we can join the “Convince her” team. 😁

Hi Rose (@rose-colored-fancy),

Writers subsist on coffee and humble pie with a healthy dose of readers’ tears

This is so true, although some of our fellow writers would substitute “tea” for “coffee” [Hello, Joelle! 😉 @joelle-stone  Meet Jared!].

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
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