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Mr.Trip Williams

Such a warm welcome! Thank you! I hope to get to some of those things!

For your questions,

My WIP’s theme is an interesting one. The story formed itself from the first book I wrote in fantasy. (The main character in the series is a young teenager, orphaned at a young age. However, my current WIP is the story of how his parents met.) The big theme is redemption. The main protagonist is a female doctor who has tremendous self-doubt due to her childhood growing up as a slave in the red district. She falls in love with a young war general who struggles with terrible things that happened during the war -things that still hunt him to this day. (and yes, I meant hunt, not haunt. ;p ) So although the story overall is plot-driven, the minute details are mostly character driven, if that makes sense.

Book blurb… A young faehin doctor discovers an injured aygiff at her front gate. The man is ravaged by wounds that could be caused by none-other than a race thought to be extinct – a vaelintrien. After tending to the wounded man, she learns that he is a famous general from the previous war. Who exactly is after him and why? Will Aefflaed be caught in the middle, and just what is her weakness?

I think many authors have inspired me. C. S. Lewis, Tolkien, Ted Dekker, Tom Clancy, Paolini, and of course the Bible has been perhaps the greatest of inspirations. (In the long run, I am hoping to make a major theme of my fantasy series the armor of God -analogously, at least.)

Christianity has not been tried and found wanting, it has been found difficult and left untried. ~ G.K.C.

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