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Oh, I loved Windy Poplars as well! I particularly remember the debacle with Hazel and her fiance XD And of course the whole Pringle feud XD Rainbow Valley was just pure fun, I loved seeing all of Anne’s kids just being awesome!

Yes!! I liked how that book mainly explored Anne sort-of-not-really-accidentally meddling in other people’s affairs xD So much everyday craziness.

What part did you like best about it?

Hard to say! The ending broke me but… I still loved it. I really like how the MC’s love for her old home never got overshadowed by her new experiences in America, which seems to happen a lot both in real life and in YA. It’s hard to explain because I’m biased, I guess xD

Ah, I see! How do the tribes differ? Also which one is the MC from?

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