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Karissa Chmil


Thank you very much! I’ve definitely been enjoying it so far, and I can’t wait to get to know the community here even more! <3

What genres do you write in?


Especially when half the plot runs off on it’s own sidequest and all the minor characters want to be MCs and then your MC keeps a ton of secrets from you and I WAS NOT EMOTIONALLY READY FOR HIS TRAUMATIC BACKSTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR HOW HE “HANDLES” IT (“it” being a ton of plot twists and heart-crushing thematic plot points AND AND AND—*buries face in drawer of chaotic notes sobbing ink*


But how many re-writes have you been through? Have you ever been published?

Novel-length? Not many. XP Short stories. . . a ridiculous amount. And, no, I haven’t yet been published – you?

Ok, lemmie see…maybeee this’ll finally work?? linkydoo *I’ve constantly been having trouble with sharing Word*



Now when can I beta read?

*giggles* I’ll let you know when I reach that stage. XP

@karissa-chmil, it’s about a small-time, snarky thief, Hugon, roped into double heist in the palace as he struggles with betrayal and abandonment issues.

Ooh, that sounds awesome.


*using my very very bad comprehension of Latin I never actually studied because I was busy doodling in the worksheets and the Spanish I only started a couple months ago…using this as my base for decoding I shall attempt :D*

Yes! And [no clue] [idk I think “you” in some conjugation] [“no clue” in a he-she-it conjugation?] my studies of six years and of [something or what] in Savoie

Due to my great deductive skills I say it means “I ate a cookie which I studied for six years in Savoie.”

*chokes* Ah. Not quite.

You told him not to ask, not me. I’m asking, what the heck?

*salutes* Officially telling you not to ask either. XP

Well Mr Brian does fantastic voice acting, you should hear his audios!!! And he’s really funny and encouraging and wise.

Ooh, voice acting.

"She walks in starlight in another world." - J. R. R. Tolkien

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