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Thank you! My current prof pic is a very old photo, lol… That would be my old dog, Toto. I’m not sure what breed he was. General black Chinese dog? xD I should probably update it to one of my cat, haha.

I have the same problem in picking a favorite author and an even harder time with books. I could go on forever. XD Which of L. M. Montgomery’s books do you like best? I personally enjoyed Anne of the Island and Anne of Green Gables. Also, which of C. S. Lewis’s books is your favorite? For this one I am able to name just one book: The Last Battle.

Definitely the Anne of Green Gables series! I love Anne <3 And as for Lewis… That’s really impossible for me to choose a favorite of his works xD I think The Last Battle is wonderful though–and quite unappreciated.

I’ve actually been shocked at how gory and violent fairy tales can be. *cough* “Juniper Tree.” *cough* And yes, Anderson is much more…child directed in his writing than Grimm. What’s your favorite(s) fairy tales?

Yeah, hahaha, Disney has done a good job of cleaning them up. My absolutely favorite fairytale would have to be “The Wild Swans” by Andersen, but I have many others. Do you have a favorite?

Your WIP sounds fun/intriguing! And there can never be too many secret identities (at least in books; real life is another matter)! Who’s your favorite character out of your cast?

Thank you! My favorite is currently my protagonist, Pax. He’s rather sweet and gentle compared to most other characters in this story, but he has had quite his fair share of being broken by his heartless author. 🙁

~ always be a happy camper ~

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