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Ok so to start this off

, meet @rose-colored-fancy, @rose-colored-fancy, meet @merieshenanigans.  You guys are my two online friends, and I’m so excited that you’re finally getting to “meet!”

Tolkien’s not on the list of authors above, but that’s because he’s in a class of his own and because I’m weird and more often than not will, in fact, fall in love with a fictional world in lieu of the characters.

That’s a relief, because I was mildly concerned when he didn’t make it onto that list xD  I too love Tolkien, as you know quite well by now, but I’ve unfortunately been forced to take a nice long break from that hyper-fixation to focus fictional volleyball tournaments of all things

Other than books, I’m into the usual Asian teenager stuff–anime, manga, K-pop, et cetera, et cetera

Speaking of which, you don’t happen to be familiar with Haikyuu, do you?  And if so why is Kuroo Tetsuro your favorite character?

And no, I am not the cause of his anger. *backs away*

Are you  s u r e  about that?

and what starts as a risky venture to find a captive [talking] tiger soon puts him directly at odds with the emperor of his great nation

Wait Lehar is in captivity?  I had no idea, and that actually makes me really sad for him ngl :'(

Also, I’ll go ahead and tag you in the new, far less chaotic character castle, although I’m warning you that it’s hardly active and I have yet to write my two brats into it (hopefully I’ll be able to manage that soon lol)

LOL, that’s a mood!! My MC is a feral brat filled with barely contained rage, she’s a trial to manage and keeps ruining my plot, I love her so much XD

Oh we’re well aware xD

She’s horrible, I love her so much.

*laughs as one fey*

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