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Welcome Braelyn! I am Inkhorn *pauses for dramatic affect and blushes when only crickets are heard*Β  I just got to say I love your profile picture.

Awww, well thanks! 😍

Yay! Another violinist and pianist! And that’s cool you’re writing music! Which instrument do you like better? What kind of music do you prefer?

Wow! That is super! I generally prefer piano over violin solely for reason that I can play all the parts at once rather than just one on a violin. I love violin though too! (especially in a group setting :D) Composing. *pauses in thought* I don’t quite know how to technically classify my compositions; perhaps contemporary classical? I also love recording and writing worship music with my bro.

Sounds interesting and those are some deep themes. What inspired you to write about these themes?

It is *gasp* deep. πŸ˜› *wondering why I ever got myself into this mess* I guess what really inspired me is the rise of a new age belief that truth is based on ones experiences. Odd, but intriguing. There are of course solid truths, and I am exploring the differences as I write. πŸ˜€

Casimir: destroyer of peace; origin: Medieval Latin

Oooh, I like this one!

I love researching names. There are some really funny/strange ones out there.

Totally! I could waist hours “literally” researching names. πŸ€ͺ This might be weird, but do you ever base your characters off of costume models on Pinterest? I love looking up costumes from the time period I am writing in, and sometimes basing my characters off of them. There’s a wealth of ideas!

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