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Noah Cochran


I think they’re both about 20-30 k words? Not super long, but they were a start. The first one I wrote was called Daybreak, was a sci-fi fantasy…as in they originally had spaceships but still used swords and things like that. It was about an orphaned boy who was adopted by a evil dictator to be his heir, but is also chosen by this rebel group to use a power stone to defeat the dictator, which in the end he does, though the evil guy does turn into some fiery monster and flies away (for the sequel). The second one was called A Silver Pen, and it was about a girl and her brother who get sucked into a book and they have to defeat the villain to end the story and get back to their world. And of course there were a few plot twists and things like that.

Nice. 🙂

I’m really bad at acting, so besides background characters I don’t act in my audio dramas. 😛 I recruit people who actually are good at acting, which is a lot of fun.

Well Elena, I’m worse than bad at acting, so were in the same boat. 🙂

As for three classics, there are a lot of good ones… I would say Oliver Twist is really good, if you like mysteries kind of like Sherlock Holmes then there’s a series call The Father Brown Mysteries which is really interesting, The Princess and the Goblin is also an interesting fantasy story.

Alrighty, I might look into Father Brown Mysteries, I do really enjoy Holmes.

Your story sounds interesting. What kind of conspiracy is it?

Umm…I’m really not sure how to answer that without spoiling everything, so let’s just say that it has to do with a cleansing of the land and a rearrangement of control.

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