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Elena N

Hi Brian,

Thanks for those tips! That’s really helpful.

This is something I certainly relate to.  I have a crippling pile of novel/story  starts that didn’t pan out or I  grew beyond. Hang on to those, though. Sometimes they can still bear fruit if you ever get stuck and want to review your writing journey.  They also can encourage you to see the true arc of your growth and progress as a writer.

Yeah, I definitely won’t be getting rid of them. I’m probably going to reuse some of my favorite ideas from the story in different books.  It is really cool to be able to look back something I probably wrote 3 or more years ago with barely any writing knowledge and see how much better my writing already is. 🙂

I hope you do.  There is something very powerful about learning to “act” through your characters.  It helps to connect with them in a deeper way.  It helps also to not just know what they say, but to think about the nuances of “how” they say it with the sense of their tone and what about their voices make them unique from the other cast of your characters.  Its worth a shot.

Well, you’ve convinced me. 😛 I’ll probably try it sometime, though probably not right away.

When the darkness presses around, the light will shine brighter.

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