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Noah Cochran


Thanks for the response, Laura. 🙂

I usually use “Fernya shot her son a quick glare,” instead of something like “Fernya gave her son an icy look.” Maybe if you rearrange the wording a little bit, you won’t have to keep using “look” in that context?

Good point, but let’s say a character gave another character a dry look, how would you word that?

Ahh, my favourite thing to discuss. 😁 I have a villain in my main WIP, and I had a thought while creating him: why don’t I try to make an effort not to use “said” in regard to him? So every time he speaks, it goes something like this:

“Rúan Pyrestone,” he purred, “to what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Good,” Osløn rumbled, his eyes narrowed. “One lesson learned. Now for the next: submission.”

It’s actually quite fun, though challenging to find more sensual words in replacement for “said.”

I love that idea. And you know what, I don’t think I’ve ever used ‘purred,’ but it sounds fantastic.  How’s your WIP coming along?

I think facial features are super important, but it’s also important to bear in mind who is describing them.

I agree. I suppose it’s just I have a hard time describing people’s faces in words–even if I’m looking at a picture or real life person.

Oh, and btw, that was an excellent description.

Okay, so my reason for not using chapter names may sound silly, but … I’m too lazy to come up with a good name for each chapter of my story. 😂 Another thing is that whatever is the main part of the chapter normally determines the chapter name, and sometimes I want to keep that a surprise.

Same here–on both counts. xD

The sword was probably twice as long as my forearm, meaning it was easily the largest sword I’d held, seeing that I was about a head taller than the average man.

I think descriptions such as those are usually the best–though I do use paces quite often.

So my WIP is set in first person, in the eyes of my main character Rúan. Though occasionally the POV will switch to his mother, his betrothed, or his best friend. I don’t use direct thought for Rúan’s POV, since we’re already in his head, looking at the world through his eyes, but I also occasionally use it for the other POVs.

Alrighty, so you do use it some for third person, but never for first person–for obvious reasons.

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