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Joelle Stone


That’s a lot. I’ll probably only leave thoughts on a couple of these. 😉

Replacements for look:

“glance” “stare” (like you mentioned) “gaze” “met his/her eyes” “look” is fine too in some cases “expression”, not even using the word look but instead doing something like, “with blankness clouding his eyes” etc.

Thoughts on ‘said’ replacements:

OH YES ALWAYS NOT USING THE WORD SAID AND REPLACING IT WITH OTHER WORDS DRIVE ME BONKERS!!!!! Like, “said” is pretty much invisible – and so is asked. And you don’t even have to use dialogue tags, instead you can replace them with action tags if necessary. Like COME ON PEOPLE.

Facial Features:

I’m actually working on this a lot in my writing. I want to use more facial features to show emotion rather than telling it (I tend to tell it and am working on that).

Chapter Names:

Mm, I think it depends on your genre and how long your story is. I’ve noticed that longer stories (LOTR excluded XD) don’t use chapter names, while shorter ones (about 20 chapters) tend to use them. *shrugs* I think it depends on personal preference.

Voice Description:

Oof, yes, same problem here. XD Maybe add more action tags, or facial expressions to get readers to imagine it? Or vary the structure of your sentences (i.e. instead of “he said in a rough voice”, “in a rough voice, he said” or “his voice was rough as he said” etc.) to make it less noticeable)? Not sure. XD

I think Imma leave of there. Thx for the tag!!


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