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Joshua Scheele


How’s it going fellow Josh? You are correct. We absolutely need to stick together lol.

It’s going well because God is always good.

That’s awesome that you applied for the Pinterest Manager position. Let me know if you get it!

Well, it seems I did not make the candidate list.  However, I take it that it is not part of God’s current plan but I pray for a future opportunity.

Your work sounds super intriguing, especially since you have the combination of genres all mixed together. How far along are you in the work?

Yeah, it is definitely going to be interesting as I have not read a book that has done this before. So far I have plot lines for 3 possibly 4-5 series. The first series will cover medieval high fantasy that will then progress to a renaissance/steampunk-like era. I plan to have a technology development race as the characters discover old and invent new tech. The most advanced societies will be like marvel’s Asgard and Assassin’s Creed 2 levels of tech and appearance. I also plan to give a lot of tomb raider exploration moments as they discover old ruins to uncover the truth of their world. My final series will be my space-age era. Essentially my own star wars story. lol XD

J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Timothy Zahn are probably my top three favorite authors. But I also love the Wheel of Time series, Ender’s Game, and I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan (I know a lot of people don’t categorize that in the typical sci-fi genre, but hey). What about you? What authors do you draw inspiration from?

Definitely, Tolkien when it comes to world-building. As for the story and characters, it mainly comes from Brian Jacques. I have not read much of Timothy Zahn but I have begun looking into his books. Any recommendations of where to start? The audiobooks are amazingly well done with so many voices. I get the chills when the voices actors really get into shouting their battle cries. What I really took from Brian Jacques is his desire for the world of Redwall to endure and never end but yet still have a refreshing story each time. I honestly hate when such a well-invested story/world ends.  Sso I plan to stick to one world/universe to tell all my stories.

Honestly, if Star wars ain’t sci-fi then I am not sure what is. lol

I also like”Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” Do you have a favorite cover of this song? I like the one done by Rachel Hardy. One of my other top favorites is “The Dawn Will Come.” I love this song because of the feeling of hope, honor, courage, and faith just flows in the music and words. If it was not already taken, it would be perfect for my story. I have a character known to her soldiers as The Lady of The Dawn because they have faith in her and their creator that she will do whatever she can to ensure they live to see the dawn.

I have always loved the idea of knights so you can count on them never going out of style in my style. A few songs that go so well with the theme of knights is “Men of Honor” and “Men of Honor (Part II)”. I am always listening to these when my writing involves knightly characters.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important th

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