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Joshua Barrera

Hey @erynne,

First of all, I love how you spell your name. It looks like you come from a fantasy world (my favorite genre). Second, your profile picture is amazing lol.

That’s awesome that you started a newsletter! What’s it about? Is it something for Story Embers or something else?

My WIP is a fantasy novel that involves everything you’d expect: dragons, magic, knights, and high stakes! Hopefully I’ll have more to share as I get closer to finishing it!

My favorite type of tree is the Joshua Tree. Because. It has a cool name 😉

My MBTI type is INFJ. Can I guess that you’re at least an Extrovert something lol

Favorite song or artist…that’s a tough one. I really like Linkin Park, Skillet, and Blackpink. One of my favorite songs is “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher.” What about you? Have any good music recommendations for me?

Never stop talking! Be yourself and meet new people and make new friends!


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