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Lavender Bleu


*starts laughing, only for it turn into sobs at the impossibility of ever reading the Goodreads TBR that I’ve been growing for six years*

It’s like a race against time.


Hi there! I’m Bethany, and I am also a mythology and language fan, though I’m really only familiar with Greek/Roman mythology (since they’re pretty much the same thing). I’m actually rereading the Aeneid right now. Have you read any of the classic epic poems?

Not yet. As far as classics go, I’m planning to read something by Plato soon.

I think biology is okay. I preferred chemistry, though I’ve had to study more biology/zoology/anatomy.

I never did well in chemistry. I didn’t do that well in biology, either, but it’s something I do like to read for fun and research purposes.

Have you read the Ashtown Burials series by N.D. Wilson? It’s modern fantasy like Percy Jackson but it has Christian themes. It’s kind of like a Christian Percy Jackson, but it’s WAY cooler than that description would make you believe. I’m reading the third book right now and it’s shaping up to be one of my favorite series of all time. Just a warning though, the series is currently unfinished. The author is currently serializing the last book, but it may be awhile until the final book is published.

I have not, but I definitely will be now.

Also, I see you like superhero stories. Have you read Blank Mastermind? It’s a story about a villain who gets amnesia and so forgets that he’s supposed to be the villain. It’s goofy and fun. The author serialized an early draft of it, as well as a sequel, on her blog and later self-published the first book.

I am always looking for books like this. Thank you so much.

Great success often depends on being able to distinguish between the impossible and the improbable.

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