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R.M. Archer

My most important goals for this year are:

-Publish my novel

-Finish 2 drafts of the non-fiction book I’m working on

-Work with more editing clients

-Read 100 books

-Learn to balance my schedule and the different kinds of projects I work on, lol.

Some of the biggest things I accomplished last year were:

-Guest posting for Kingdom Pen

-Releasing my first worldbuilding course

-Making as much progress as I did on my novel (got through all but the last line edits and copy-edits!)

I have a more complete list on my blog, for anyone who’s curious.

Keep up a good pace at learning French

You’re learning French, too? Cool! I’ve been very out-of-practice since this past summer when I was too busy to work on it, but getting back into consistent practice is one of my goals for this year. (So far it… hasn’t been going as well as I might like, lol.)

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